There are three distinct phases of the writing process when a developmental editor can make a big difference in the outcome of your book: In the planning stage, while you’re writing, and once you’re done. When do you need an editor?
Publishers rely on talented jacket designers to create great covers. These specialized graphic artists are either on staff or hired as freelancers. Staff designers frequently cross over, creating a jacket for their own publisher one week, freelancing for another house the next week and taking on an indie author client the week after that. Great book jackets: Tips from 4 design pros

Idiot author plagarizes his book from Bond… James Bond

Assiduous sleuthing by James Bond fans has forced QR Markham’s newly published spy thriller Assassin of Secrets to be pulled from shelves after it was discovered that it was lifted almost wholesale from an amalgamation of other novels, including 007 titles.

Novelist QR Markham picked up huge sections of his novel from other books, in a debacle that resulted in his book getting pulled from shelves around the globe. Especially in a digital world, how could he have remotely thought he might get away with this.